In business, most things start with the spark of an idea.

We help you explore, shape and fan those sparks into a blaze of glorious reality.

The 20/20 Group is a customer research, marketing and business advisory specialist.

We take your thoughts, ideas, and business pickles, pull them apart, challenge them and rearrange them into a workable plan. Then we help make the plan happen.

Or we can simply write your next blog post.

We call it the cherry-picking principle. You can pick one service, select a handful, or go for the entire bunch.


Our Story

The 20/20 Group Australia was established in 2003 as a generalist business consulting firm. For 10 years we ran the company from our city office with a dedicated team of consultants and support staff.

In 2014, we reinvented The 20/20 Group into a collaborative group of skilled individuals, each with their own unique service offering, working remotely. No more bricks and mortar, or expensive people employed to answer phones.

The fundamental philosophy behind this restructure is that we believe we offer a more dedicated and relevant service to our clients as independent specialists. When we (and we mean you, us and everyone) focus on what we’re really good at, and work in an environment that makes us happy, we become more productive and provide far superior outcomes. It’s that simple.

In addition, our structure allows us to significantly reduce our overheads, and provide better results for even greater value. You simply pick the skill or service you require, and deal directly with the individual specialist. Or we come as a package if needed.

Our Team

Mel Wicks Copywriter

Mel Wicks

Certified Content Marketer, Corporate Writer, and SEO Copywriter

Gaye Scott

Market Research and Community Engagement Specialist

Jodi Peters

Business Management and Corporate Compliance Advisor

Our Services

A morsel or a banquet. All beautifully served.


  • Focus groups
  • Interviews
  • Phone and online surveys
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Online research

Marketing and Business Communications

Content marketing

  • SEO copywriting
  • Websites and landing pages
  • Blogs posts
  • eBooks
  • Email and ad campaigns
  • Social media posts and profiles
  • Case studies

Business communications

  • Media releases and editorial
  • Brochures and flyers
  • Business documents
  • Award and grant submissions
  • Tender submission writing


Business Advisory

  • Strategic planning
  • Company structure and ownership advice
  • Corporate compliance
  • Facilitation of board meetings
  • Practice management advice and assistance
  • Management and operational advice for not-for-profit organisations
Our Services

Our Clients

In more recent times we have had the pleasure of serving:

Celebrating Almost Two Decades 

The 20/20 Group has been operating for 19 delicious years. We’re proud of our history, excited for the future and look forward to helping you grow that spark of a business idea into a blazing success.

Go on. Give us a call.

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